Combat is text-based, with descriptors of each action taken and updates on the state of the battlefield at the start of each turn.

Each turn has a pre-defined, randomized modifier on it. That means that any actions taken during that turn will be modified by the corresponding multiplier. Characters take their turns in order based on their speed, and the first turn of combat is usually a 2x modifier to simulate the fastest character getting a surprise hit in to start combat.

Turn order is broken into rounds. A round is a group of turns that contains all active characters’ turns. Significantly fast characters will have multiple turns per round. If a character has their turn move down out of the current round, that character loses a turn in the round that the turn moved to.

Taking a significant enough hit drops a character down in the turn order. This may move them to a better or worse turn, and it also moves the character(s) who were below them up, which may also improve or detract from their turn power.

Certain special attacks (“Trip” for instance) deal no damage but have a guaranteed effect of moving the target down a turn. Certain special moves can move characters up a turn. Characters who have the “Stunned” status are removed from the turn order altogether until the status wears off.

The “Poisoned” status deals damage every time a character has a turn, so it may be beneficial to delay their turn indefinitely to keep them from taking damage.


  • Stunned: character is removed from the turn order for X rounds, depending on the power of the stunning attack.
  • Poisoned: character takes X poison damage at the beginning of each of their turns. Characters with higher speed and therefore more turns are thus much more affected by poison.
  • Entangled: character can take no actions during their next turn. Wears off after 1 turn.
  • Controlled: character switches sides for X rounds.
  • Enraged: character deals 2x damage but has .5x attack and defense.


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