Droth are bipedal creatures with stark white skin and black ichor that constantly drips from their stigmata. Although they are mammalian, they lack hair of any kind. They are unique in their ability to harness magic, and have historically used this advantage to colonize and subjugate the nonmagical civilizations of Falinde.


Droth possess an organ, called the adenax, which is the source of their magical powers. The adenax is located in the upper abdomen, analogous to a heart in other species. The adenax is also the organ that generates and circulates ichor.

Every droth is born with part of their body missing. This injury is called a stigmata, and constantly bleeds. Droth believe that the location of the stigmata corresponds to an area of magical aptitude. For instance, a droth whose stigmata is their eyes will have a greater ability to scry, predict future events, or dispel illusions.


Droth lack a heart or lungs. The main organ of their circulatory system is the adenax, which pumps ichor, a black fluid that sustains their cells magically. Droth are completely anaerobic and live without oxygen. Without lungs, they are nonverbal, and use telepathy for communication. In place of lungs, droth have an extremely long intestinal tract. They are obligate herbivores and cannot digest meat.


All droth have at least one stigmatum somewhere on their body. However, their body functions exactly as if the missing part were present, other than the empty, bleeding space. For instance, droth with eye stigmata can still see, and droth with stigmata that severs part of their body can still move and feel the severed part, which floats exactly where it ought to be.

Additionally, these properties apply to wounds incurred in a droth’s lifetime as well. A severed limb or even head does not remove the part: it remains in the same place relative to the rest of the body, and functions the same even while disconnected. Over time, droth can heal such injuries and regenerate parts of their body that have been destroyed. Droth can only be killed by the destruction of the adenax.


When a droth’s adenax is destroyed, death does not occur at that moment. Rather, they die at a different point in the timeline, almost always at some point in the past. This has drastic repercussions on the timeline, erasing reality back to the point of death. Early droth were unaware of this fact, and saw death as something that would claim their people randomly and without warning.


The Droth originated in the Krake Mountains. The origins of the species are unknown, and the first records of the droth are of the formation of the Consortium, a monolithic institution that served as church, school, and governing body. The Consortium was founded in service to the droth gods, and taught that these gods gifted the droth with their magic. It also taught that other species, lacking magic, were naturally inferior.

The Cannibal War


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