Winds Battle Above Fierce Night Assembly

Events leading up to the Assembly

In the late 170’s, Eeit ktalken in the Ziitik Straits began encountering droth ships regularly, every few months. The droth were not unknown to the Eeit, who had observed their actions from the shore, and would occasionally see small droth vessels overhead. However, this was the first time that the droth were seafaring in such numbers in such large ships. Observers also noted that the winds seemed to change when such ships passed through, that the strong northerly winds that usually blustered through the Straits would shift to the west, carrying these strange ships with them.

In 179, an Eeit trawling crew attempted to make contact with one of these vessels as it passed through their range. It is likely that the droth on the ship took them for sea monsters, because they immediately attacked, shooting lightning at the ktalken in the water. One was killed instantly, and the rest fled.

Word quickly returned to the cities in the Ziitik Straits that the droth were both hostile and possessed of great and unexplainable power, and that they were expanding and colonizing new territory. Eeit communities convened in large groups to discuss the threat and what should be done.

Fierce Night

Fierce Night, a hatchling caretaker in Winds Battle Above, was the first to insist that all ktalken, not just Eeit, needed to be warned about the droth. Fierce Night argued that the ktalken were safe from the droth as long as the droth never became aware of their existence, but if Iktat, Zok, or Eneepk were discovered, then the droth would look for the Eeit.

Fierce Night faced resistance from Noble Shell, the keptal of Winds Battle Above, who argued that even if the droth knew of the ktalken, that an air-breathing species would have no interest conquering an underwater civilization. Additionally, the thought of reaching out to the other ktalken civilizations, about which the Eeit knew little and with which they had had no official contact in memory, was unpopular with many Eeit. Without the support of the keptal, Fierce Night took it upon themself to contact the distant ktalken.

The Journey

Winds Battle Above Fierce Night Assembly

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